Dark side🌓 of Dhanawade's 1009❗

  |   India News

While Mumbai teenager Pranav Dhanawade's record breaking 1009* has been garnering praise👏 from all over the cricketing fraternity🏏, a look at the conditions and his opposition doesn't paint such a rosy picture😳. Pranav, playing against 12 year olds used to fielding only with tennis balls🎾, reportedly escaped 21 dropped catches enroute to his mammoth score at a ground where one of the boundaries was just 30m out😅. The losing side's coach, Yogesh Jagtap revealed🔊 that they were playing only because of commitment and that he had cobbled together a team of 12-year-olds for the under-16s match😒 because his first team players had exams📝. In fact, his bowlers, playing at this level for the first time had figures of 0-142 (6), 0-284, 2-352 😰: figures that clearly portray the vastly inferior nature of Pranav's opposition. While his concentration and motivation is something to be marveled at, the achievement might not be😐.

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