Tinder🔥 opens Delhi🌆 office❕

  |   Tech News

Tinder has chosen to set up its first international🌍 office in Delhi🌆 three years after launching in 🇮🇳 and seeing a 400% increase 📈in Indian downloads last year. The social app hopes to make 🇮🇳one of its “core💥 markets.” VP, Rosette Pambakian said, “🇮🇳 is incredibly important for us as we see a lot of opportunity for growth📈 in the country. We are growing rapidly in 🇮🇳, and so we thought it would be right to have a team there.” The company will focus on steering its explosive 💥user growth and engagement by focusing on local user's desi needs. 🇮🇳 has 50% of its population under 25 years- another big factor in Tinder's move.

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