Win🔟 spying👁 on users😳

  |   Tech News

Microsoft continues to say that its Win🔟 OS isn’t spying👁 on anyone nor is it collecting more data than it needs even after several controversial data mining⛏ and privacy👤 invasion features were found within it. Win🔟, which is active on 200 M servers, announced the following milestones: Users👥 spent over 11 bn hours on Win🔟 in December 2015 & 44.5 bn minutes on MS Edge🔎 in Dec alone. 30% more Bing queries per device compared to prior Windows versions. Over 82 bn photographs📸 were viewed in the Photo app. Gamers spent 4 bn hours playing PC games🎮 & streamed 6.6 M hours of Xbox One games👾. These stats indicate that Microsoft is tracking every single activity of its users by collecting more data than initially thought. Although MS is collecting info on apps, it’s unclear what is exactly collected, the worst part is that it can’t be easily disabled😯.

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