World’s first flyable drone 🚁❓

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On Wednesday, at the CES gadget⚙ show, Chinese🇨🇳 drone maker Ehang Inc. announced📢 the world's first drone🛩 which can carry a human🙋🏻 passenger. It looks like a small helicopter🚁, but with quad-propellers instead of a helicopter’s single propeller. The electric⚡ drone can be charged in 2⃣🕒 hours, carry 100Kgs and fly for 23 minutes at sea level. The cabin fits one person, a small backpack🎒 and even has air conditioning❄ and a reading light💡 and can fit in a single parking lot. Passengers only need to set a flight plan and give the take-off and land commands via a tablet📱. It can fly around 1000 to 11,500 feet off the ground at 63 mph.

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