Wozniacki's online💻 stalker 📹 https://goo.gl/f6BbMl

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Former WTA World No.1 ☝ Caroline Wozniacki was in for a surprise at the press conference following her win in the ASB Classic at Auckland when Kiwi rugby star Shaun Johnson asked her if she could follow him on Instagram. A blushing😊 Wozniacki finally managed a yes amid laughter and asked him whether he was following her😆. But the Danish tennis🎾 star seemed to have forgotten about her promise😅 and when Shaun revealed to the press🎙 later that she had still not done, she quipped "So he’s stalking my Instagram💻 now, that’s good to know!”
Seems like Shaun's smitten❤, Caroline ❗

Watch the press conference here 📹: https://goo.gl/f6BbMl

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