CR7⭐: Fraud or Selfish❓

  |   Football / La Liga / FA Cup / EPL / ISL / UEFA

Real Madrid broke the bank💰 to sign a proven goalscorer, CR7⭐, to reel in the titles🏆. Real did this to establish dominance🙌🏼 in the league once again. He’s playing his 7⃣th season with Madrid during which he has won the league only once🤔 (2011/12 season). During the 7⃣ seasons - (2002/03-2008/09) - that preceded his arrival, Madrid won 3⃣ league titles🏆 including a back to back in the 2006/07-2007/08 season. Looking at his scoring stats however, it has greatly improved👌🏼 since he joined the club with a massive 238 league goals in 218 appearances👏🏻 in the league alone and this has earned him several individual accolades🏅🏅. We have seen him lash out😠 when he misses his chances but his teammates score. Question most fans ask now is, Is he playing for the team or Is the team playing for him❓ Madrid👑 certainly won't be satisfied just one league title in CR7's 6⃣+ years at the club.

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