Steph 🏀 Curry's "Messi💫-mindset"🙌🏻

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Steph Curry🏀, Current NBA MVP, has hurt his shin (left shin contusion)😁 but still wants to play by any means possible, even if it requires borrowing gear from another sport⚽. He has decided to wear shin pads😀 in his bid to play through the injury and he says he is approaching his game like football genius, Lionel Messi💫. "I've got to bring my Messi🙌🏻 mindset tonight, so we'll see". Curry leads🙌🏻 the NBA in scoring at 29.3 points per game but has missed 2⃣ games through this injury. The medical team has declared he will be fit in a month but he is not having any of that as he plans to play through the pain😁. Messi and Curry share mutual admiration for each other.🙌🏻

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