Katrina Kaif

Ranbir and Kat💃 not living together⁉

We’ve just gotten reports that Ranbir Kapoor😎 has moved out of his Carter Road house🏢 and to Hill Road, at a ten-storeyed building called Wilson Apartments🏬, but Katrina’s still at Silver Sands🏢. Something’s wrong🤔 with this picture. Ranbir’s parents, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor are expected to …

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Hollywood Fail❌: PC replaced by Kat In SRKs Don3❗️

Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan are very keen to start work on 🎥 "Don 3" and while Priyanka Chopra won't ❌ be part of the 3⃣rd film in this series, word is that Katrina Kaif will be replacing her. Apparently Kat 🐱 has already informed a few close people that after her …

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Poll Result: Who'll make the most💰in 2016❓

Ladies and Gentlemen we have our winner and it is none other than Deepika Padukone 🙌

The result for the poll is:

🎯 Who will make the most money 💰in 2016 ❓

(Result in percent)

1⃣9⃣: Priyanka Chopra

4⃣4⃣: Deepika Padukone

⬜7⃣: Anushka Sharma

1⃣7⃣: Katrina Kaif

1⃣3⃣: Kangana …

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