United♦💬: Pele😍 & LvG blooper😂- https://goo.gl/t1mVjB

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  • LvG👔 has admitted that he simply refers to Chris Smalling as 'Pele' to avoid calling him 'Mike'😂. LvG had earlier called Chris Smalling as 'Mike' twice😅 and has revealed he now calls him 'Pele' after he displayed a fantastic move👌 in training. Well, he's not 'Smaldini' anymore... 'Spele' maybe😅.
  • LvG has challenged the players to show more aggression😠 and take greater responsibility after accusing his squad of being too friendly😳 with each other. He says they are too soft😕 and protect each other a lot. He has warned⚠ them it is not good after a certain point.
  • van Gaal has mixed up😅 another player's name in public📢 after calling striker Will Keane as Michael after his twin brother Michael Keane who was sold to Burnley last season. LvG seems to have problem with remembering the name 'Michael' - first Smalling, now Keane😂.

Watch LvG mix up Keane's name in a presser 📹: https://goo.gl/t1mVjB

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