Schumi Jr to Race💨 in Chennai ‼

16 year old Mick Schumacher, son of legendary F1🏁 driver Michael Schumacher, will make his debut in the MRF Challenge event in Chennai this weekend👏. The Chennai race is the finale of the event👍 and all eyes👀 will be on Schumi Jr at the Irangattukottai race track. Mick has already …

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F1🏁: Car Launch & Test Schedule📆

Formula One🏁 teams have already started their preparations for the 2016 season in earnest👍. The first race of the year will be the Australian Grand Prix💨 on March 20. Pre Season testing🔧 schedule has been set for the teams while some of them have announced📢 a launch date for their …

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Bale to quit😳 'Ferrari' movie🎥

Hollywood superstar⭐ Christain Bale, best known for his role as Batman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy👌, has decided to pull out of a movie📽 planned on the life of Enzo Ferrari - founder of Italian racing giants Ferrari😳. Bale reportedly was concerned😨 about the drastic weight gain needed to play …

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Schumi Jr to join😳 Ferrari Youth Team🎉

Ferrari legend🏁 Michael 'Red Baron' Schumacher's son and Junior Karting Champion Mick Schumacher👌 is set to make his Formula 3⃣ debut with Italian outfit Prema, a junior Ferrari outfit🎉. Mick was named Rookie of the Year👏 in Formula 4⃣ last season and Angelo Rosin, the founder of Prema Powerteam😯, is …

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F1🏁: Holy Help for Schumi ‼

🏁 Former Ferrari boss & FIA President Jean Todt has revealed that Pope Francis✝ has promised to pray🙏 for the recovery of Michael Schumacher who is recuperating after a tragic skiing⛷ accident which resulted in him going into a coma😢. Todt said that he asked the Pope to pray🙏 for Michael and …

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F1🏁: Verstappen's snow race 📹 https://goo.gl/tPtzQQ

Torro Rosso driver and F1 whizkid👦 Max Verstappen took to the Austrian Alps🏔 with his Red Bull RB7 F1 car🏎 in a show piece event in Austria. In a specially designed🔧 downhill course, he maneuvered the car amid freezing temperatures☃ and snow. The car was modified🔧 a bit to handle …

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F1🏁: McLaren film🎥, Ecclestone claims.

  • Roger Donaldson, director of an upcoming documentary film🎥 on the life and career of Bruce McLaren - founder of McLaren - has called for public help📢 for old photographs or video clips📹 of the Kiwi motor sport legend. McLaren died in one of his own cars in 1970😕 and the film makers …
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F1🏁: Verstappen's Alps🏔 race, 2017 rules

  • Red Bull's Max Verstappen is all set to take part in a Red Bull snowrun☃ in a specially designed downhill section of the Austrian Alps:snow_capped_mountains:. His RB7 car has been transported to the venue using a helicopter🚁 and specially studded Pirelli tyres will be used to make the first …
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F1🏁: Pirelli's 👎 for faster cars

  • F1🏁 tyre manufacturer Pirelli has told teams it cannot❌ build tyres which can sustain the increase⬆ in downforce necessary to slash lap times in 2017. Pirelli is reported📝 to have made a presentation to the teams where they made it clear that it cannot👎 build tyres to cope with faster …
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F1💬: Merc dominance💪 & Ferrari engine

World champion🏆 Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes are set to continue their dominance of F1🏁 in 2016 as well. Hamilton believes Mercedes have a very strong💪 foundation and others have a lot of catching up to do which he believes might not be possible in 2016😳. He had an average last …

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First 👩🏻 F1🏁 driver passes away😔

Maria Teresa de Filippis, who was the first woman👩 driver to race in the F1🏁 has passed away at the age of 89😔. Born in Naples in Italy, de Filippis started 3⃣ races in 1958 behind the wheel of a Maserati and finished 10th in Belgium👏. She retired in 1959 …

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F1💬: Ferrari's secret plans😳 & more

Here are the latest happenings from the world of F1🏁.

  • Ferrari🐎 are keeping their 2016 car developments very much under the sheet and are giving nothing away😷 regarding the release of the car🏎. Ferrari are pushing it's deadlines🕐 to the limit and experts are speculating💬 that it might be because …
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F1💬: McLaren great passes away💐

  • McLaren🏎 chief Ron Dennis has led the tributes💐 for Tyler Alexander after he passed away at the age of 75. Tyler Alexander has worked with McLaren since it's early days and has been the key figure👌 behind the racing giant's many a successful campaign👍. McLaren driver Jenson Button has led …
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F1💬: Verstappen's flaming🔥exit

A look at the latest happenings in F1🏁 :-

  • Max Verstappen, who will be driving for Torro Rosso in 2016 had to make a hurried exit amid flames🔥 during the New Year's eve fire🔥 that broke out at 'The Address' hotel in UAE. Max was apparently having dinner with his girlfriend …
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Formula E to rival F1🏁 ❓

Formula E, the world's first fully electric⚡ racing series is capturing the attention of fans quite a bit these days, though it is not as fast or as loud as it's big brother - the F1🏁. So, lets have a look at how F1 differs from Formula E.
The budget - F1 …

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