Ask👩Didi: Tips For When You Miss Somebody

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+234...0⃣ i won't be seeing my girlfriend for a long time what do i do... i can't help but to miss her

Dear +234...0⃣,

Missing somebody dear to us can be really tough. Here are some ways to cope:

1⃣ Time heals everything. The longer a person is gone, the less it hurts

2⃣ Create a routine for yourself, structure each day to occupy yourself and stay busy

3⃣ Make sure you schedule a regular time to catch up with each other that you can stick to. Whatsapp and Skype are great for this

4⃣ It's important to look to the future, you need to keep living your life and you need to strive for success in your career, studies etc

5⃣ Do more of the stuff you love to do

6⃣ Spend time with friends and family

7⃣ Write down your feelings, it's a great outlet

Be patient with yourself. It won't always feel this difficult,


Duta Didi

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