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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 695

Dhanaasaree, The Word Of Devotee Trilochan Jee: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Why do you slander the Lord? You are ignorant and deluded. Pain and pleasure are the result of your own actions. ||1||Pause|| The moon dwells in Shiva's forehead; it takes its cleansing bath in the Ganges. Among the men of the moon's family, Krishna was born; even so, the stains from its past actions remain on the moon's face. ||1|| Aruna was a charioteer; his master was the sun, the lamp of the world. His brother was Garuda, the king of birds; and yet, Aruna was made a cripple, because of the karma of his past actions. ||2|| Shiva, the destroyer of countless sins, the Lord and Master of the three worlds, wandered from sacred shrine to sacred shrine; he never found an end to them. And yet, he could not erase the karma of cutting off Brahma's head. ||3|| Through the nectar, the moon, the wish-fulfilling cow, Lakshmi, the miraculous tree of life, Sikhar the sun's horse, and Dhanavantar the wise physician - all arose from the ocean, the lord of rivers; and yet, because of its karma, its saltiness has not left it. ||4|| Hanuman burnt the fortress of Sri Lanka, uprooted the garden of Raawan, and brought healing herbs for the wounds of Lachhman, pleasing Lord Raamaa; and yet, because of his karma, he could not be rid of his loin cloth. ||5|| The karma of past actions cannot be erased, O wife of my house; this is why I chant the Name of the Lord. So prays Trilochan, Dear Lord. ||6||1|| Sri Sain: With incense, lamps and ghee, I offer this lamp-lit worship service. I am a sacrifice to the Lord of Lakshmi. ||1|| Hail to You, Lord, hail to You! Again and again, hail to You, Lord King, Ruler of all! ||1||Pause|| Sublime is the lamp, and pure is the wick. You are immaculate and pure, O Brilliant Lord of Wealth! ||2|| Raamaanand knows the devotional worship of the Lord. He says that the Lord is all-pervading, the embodiment of supreme joy. ||3|| The Lord of the world, of wondrous form, has carried me across the terrifying world-ocean. Says Sain, remember the Lord, the embodiment of supreme joy! ||4||2|| Peepaa: Within the body, the Divine Lord is embodied. The body is the temple, the place of pilgrimage, and the pilgrim. Within the body are incense, lamps and offerings. Within the body are the flower offerings. ||1|| I searched throughout many realms, but I found the nine treasures within the body. Nothing comes, and nothing goes; I pray to the Lord for Mercy. ||1||Pause|| The One who pervades the Universe also dwells in the body; whoever seeks Him, finds Him there. Peepaa prays, the Lord is the supreme essence; He reveals Himself through the True Guru. ||2||3|| Dhannaa: O Lord of the world, this is Your lamp-lit worship service. You are the Arranger of the affairs of those humble beings who perform Your devotional worship service. ||1||Pause|| Lentils, flour and ghee - these things, I beg of You. My mind shall ever be pleased. Shoes, fine clothes, and grain of seven kinds - I beg of You. ||1|| A milk cow, and a water buffalo, I beg of You, and a fine Turkestani horse. A good wife to care for my home - Your humble servant Dhanna begs for these things, Lord. ||2||4||