Hindus for Trump 👿 Demonise Clinton..and More❗️📹: https://goo.gl/tcGczi

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Here are some of the most incredible and absurd things that happened at the “Hindus For Trump” Bollywood event where Donald Trump was the chief guest. Highlights included photo-shopped fliers of Sonia Gandhi and Hillary Clinton, multiple Trump goof-ups, and terrorists with lightsaber-y guns.

⁉️Posters of Trump photo-shopped on a lotus, the BJP’s official party symbol, adorned the arena.

⁉️Banners around the venue tried to woo the NRI crowd with promises that Trump would facilitate a faster green card process. (Trump's trying to stem immigration to the US, by the way)

⁉️Trump began his speech by proclaiming that he was “a big fan of Hindu”

⁉️He mixed up two separate terror attacks, and implied that the Indian parliament was in Mumbai.

Watch the speech here: https://goo.gl/tcGczi

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