Jamie Lee Curtis Says She’s Spoken to Lindsay Lohan About Donald Trump’s ‘Vile’ Comments: ‘She Deserves People’s Support’

  |   Hollywood

Jamie Lee Curtis says Lindsay Lohan is "doing very well" after being the subject of sexually demeaning comments made by Donald Trump in a recently-unearthed 2004 interview with Howard Stern.
Curtis -- who took the Republican presidential nominee to task on Instagram on Friday for his "gross, lecherous, lewd commentary" -- said she's spoken with her Freaky Friday co-star, who was "grateful" for Curtis speaking out. "It was incredibly disturbing to hear someone that is up for the [presidency] of the United States talking about a teenage girl in the way that he did," said the 57-year-old Golden Globe winner. "It was disgusting and she deserves people's support."

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