Nolito: I had to give up bread, cakes and Coke for Luis Enrique

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Nolito credited Luis Enrique for helping him realise his true potential by convincing him to give up cakes and Coke as he prepares to face his former coach when Manchester City visit Barcelona in the Champions League.

Spain forward Nolito played under the stewardship of Luis Enrique at Barcelona B, before reuniting with him at Celta Vigo in 2013.

"He [Enrique] was on at me every day; he's been fundamental for my career. The cakes, the bread, the Coke: it's all good but for my profession it was s***. I'd train then eat: train, eat, train, eat. I was a fish biting its own tail. Eventually, you realise an elite player has to be fino [slim]," Nolito said in a recent interview.

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