Patriot 💋PC: Don’t Just Single Out 🇵🇰Pak Artistes

  |   India News / Priyanka Chopra / Bollywood

By Fråst🐺

After 🇵🇰Pakistani 🎭actors were shooed from 🇮🇳India, 💋Priyanka Chopra said that as a patriot herself. She said🔉, “whatever my government decides is important to keep the country safe. I go with that.” However, she asked why only 🇵🇰Pakistani 🎭actors were singled out in these decisions. She said🔉, “It's tricky because, first of all, artistes & actors are always held responsible for every bigger political agenda that happens in the country. Why not business(men), politicians, doctors & why not anyone else except for public people, who are not actors in the movie industry?” 💋Priyanka said🔉, “I am extremely patriotic… I don't believe that artistes are a representation of – at least there hasn't been an actor who has done something which has harmed someone's life out of malice or anything.” 💋She says the process of blaming👎 artistes is absolutely unfair😔.

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