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A striking poll shows that many Trump supporters already doubted women’s claims of sexual harassment — even before the infamous tape

Despite mounting allegations of sexual assault against presidential nominee Donald Trump, Republicans still overwhelmingly support him. That should be expected. Party identification has long been the most important determinant of Americans’ vote choices for president. Partisanship is so powerful, in fact, that in a Huffington Post/YouGov survey taken last …

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Clinton sending Michelle Obama to Arizona, plans to air TV ads in Texas

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is dispatching first lady Michelle Obama to campaign in Arizona and is considering sending the Democratic nominee herself as polls have shown a tightening race for president in the traditionally Republican state. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told reporters Monday that Clinton does not have a …

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Donald Trump’s ridiculous claims about voter fraud are an embarrassment

With the exception of the Los Angeles Times/USC tracking poll, which uses an unorthodox methodology -- Donald Trump hasn't led in a national head-to-head poll in the last month.

In a four-way contest — including Green Party and Libertarian Party nominees — Trump leads in four polls, two of which are from …

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US Election Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

🇺🇸US Election 🔮Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

📊Chance of winning election:

🐴Clinton(D): 86.6%

🐘Trump(R): 13.4%

Electoral 📊College Forecast (270 to win):

🐴Clinton(D): 340.7

🐘Trump(R): 197.0

🗳Popular Vote Forecast:

🐴Clinton(D): 49.5%

🐘Trump(R): 42.9%

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Answer: 🇺🇸US Election 🗳 Quiz - Who's causing trouble?

Dear Duta Election watchers. We have to say we're impressed. We asked you:

Which country has been accused of trying to sabotage the US Presidential Election❓

You thought it was 🇷🇺Russia, followed by the 🇬🇧UK...

The correct answer is of course, 🇷🇺Russia. Congrats to the 66% of you who got …

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SNL: Melania's Beyoncé Parody📹:

Sick of having to defend Donald Trump‘s string of inappropriate behavior and lewd comments towards women that have surfaced in the past week, Saturday Night Live imagined Melania leading the women in the Republican candidate’s life in a revolt inspired by Lemonade – Beyoncé’s critically acclaimed album and …

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Trump thinks SNL is rigging the election 📹:

Donald Trump thinks that even "Saturday Night Live" is part of a media conspiracy to bring down his presidential candidacy. Saturday night, SNL opened with a mocking reenactment of the second presidential debate. The parody included the moderators taking shots, a kung fu style greeting between Trump and Hillary Clinton …

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Hindus for Trump 👿 Demonise Clinton..and More❗️📹:

Here are some of the most incredible and absurd things that happened at the “Hindus For Trump” Bollywood event where Donald Trump was the chief guest. Highlights included photo-shopped fliers of Sonia Gandhi and Hillary Clinton, multiple Trump goof-ups, and terrorists with lightsaber-y guns.

⁉️Posters of Trump photo-shopped on a …

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