Triple talaq against Quranic principle, UCC misunderstood: Salim Khan

  |   India News

Veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan on Monday criticised the practice of Triple Talaq by Muslim men saying it is against Quranic principle.

"33 % muslims live as minorities in countries where there is no personal or islamic law. Yet they live in peace. The larger Q is Are muslims following islam at all? If you cant lead them dont mislead them,” added the writer.
The controversy arose after the Law Commission recently sought feedback from the public on whether the practice of triple talaq should be abolished and whether a uniform civil code be made optional.

A passionate debate has emerged over the government's stand to oppose the practice of "triple talaq" with some leading women politicians seeking its abolition, even as Muslim bodies accused the ruling dispensation of waging a "war" on their personal law.

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