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🇺🇸US Election 🔮Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

🇺🇸US Election 🔮Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

📊Chance of winning election:

🐴Clinton(D): 86.2%

🐘Trump(R): 13.8%

Electoral 📊College Forecast (270 to win):

🐴Clinton(D): 340.6

🐘Trump(R): 196.5

🗳Popular Vote Forecast:

🐴Clinton(D): 49.6%

🐘Trump(R): 43.2%

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In campaign homestretch, Trump and Clinton turn up heat in swing states

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton kept up their focus on a handful of critical swing states Monday, enlisting the help of allies in hopes of gaining any edge with voters in the final two weeks of the presidential campaign. Trump, the Republican nominee, will devote the day to crisscrossing Florida …

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McCain hangs on as Clinton aims at winning Arizona

Sen. John McCain is already thinking about life after Donald J. Trump. The Arizona Republican turned a recent question about millennial farmers into a soul-searching answer about the Republican Party’s future once, presumably, Trump loses the presidential election. “Speaking as a proud Republican, we’re going to have to …

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Trump Gets 1st Major Endorsement...With a Caveat

With polls showing him sliding nationally, Donald J. Trump received a bit of welcome news on Sunday in one battleground state as the editorial page of Nevada’s largest newspaper, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, endorsed him for president. It is the first major newspaper to give Mr. Trump its blessing …

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In N.C., a confident Clinton jokes she will be the listmaker in chief

A confident and cheerful Hillary Clinton allowed herself a little sarcasm and a more cocksure tone on Sunday as she mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and unapologetically touted herself as the listmaker in chief. Clinton's campaign also announced that she will stump again Thursday in battleground North Carolina, alongside …

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Trump asks crowd if he was right to run for president

Now that Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton in national polls with 16 days until the election, his staff scheduled a Sunday rally at the Collier County fairgrounds in rural southwest Florida, just beyond the reach of most cellphone service providers. “When I’m president, if companies want to fire their …

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