Hilary Duff Gives Selena Gomez Props for How She Handles Fame

  |   Hollywood

Hilary Duff recently opened up about her feelings regarding today’s stars who are growing up in the spotlight. “I think it’s hard. I just feel for them,” she said. “When I was just coming on to the scene was when all the gossip stuff started, but now it’s at such an extreme level. "

Hilary also revealed that she has nothing but respect and love for Selena Gomez.

“I think the saving grace is that she makes great music and so people love her,” she added. “People read [the gossip] and it falls out of their heads so fast now. The public is smart [about] gossip magazines and that they’re just trying to make money. I’m sure people gossip about it with their friends for a second, but at the end of the day, they love those people and they love their music.”

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