Kabaddi World🏆 Cup: Rules📜

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The Kabaddi World Cup begins today. So let us take a look at the rules and strategies of this full-contact team sport.
🔰7 players per team
🔰The team with most points at the end of 40 minutes wins.
🔰The court measures 13x10m with the midline dividing the court into 2⃣ halves. A baulk line and a bonus line is drawn in each half.
🔰A team would have to defend in its half when the opposition raider comes in for the raid. Click here to watch a raid in Kabaddi📹https://goo.gl/9H0I8L
🔰Click here to watch how points are awarded in the game👇
📹 https://goo.gl/wGFLVf

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