NBA🏀 Game Codes🔢

💥Duta brings you the NBA 🏀 to 👀 follow live❗️
💥To follow upcoming games, type 💬the code listed into your group.
e.g. To follow Warriors 🆚 Clippers, type into your group: sb6

💥NBA Pre-season/Global Games:

🏀Nets 🆚 Pistons:sb11
🕐UTC06/10 11:30 pm

🏀Hornets 🆚 Celtics:sb12
🕐UTC06/10 11:30 pm …

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Blake Griffin for real hit Cory Joseph square in the jaw with a shoe

All-Star power forward Blake Griffin, during Wednesday night's preseason matchup between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors, in an attempt to help out teammate Jamal Crawford wound up harming Raptors guard Cory Joseph: During the second quarter, Crawford lost his left shoe as he dribbled around a Griffin …

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Dwyane Wade on Jordan's legacy: 'Only thing you can do is tie it'

Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade believes that no matter how many different things LeBron James accomplishes in his career, trying to surpass Michael Jordan's legacy is a fool's errand.

"No, it's not possible," said Wade with a laugh. "It's not possible. The only thing you can do is tie it …

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Jordan to introduce Westbrook at state Hall of Fame ceremony

Organizers say Michael Jordan will introduce Russell Westbrook when the Oklahoma City Thunder star is inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame next month.

Jordan, who now owns the Charlotte Hornets, will introduce Westbrook, who signed a three-year contract extension with the Thunder in August.

The two-time All-Star Game MVP …

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Kyrie Irving is 'The Ankletaker,' according to his great new t-shirt

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving reached a new level of fame and celebration after his terrific performance against the Golden State Warriors in last June's NBA Finals.

A player once known as a super talented youngster perhaps not ready to assume the burden associated with title contention answered his critics …

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Steve Kerr says not to expect 400 3s from Stephen Curry again

Stephen Curry's 2015-16 will go down as one of the greatest offensive seasons in history even though it ended with the Golden State Warriors' equally historic NBA Finals loss.

Curry led the league in scoring with 30.1 ppg; became the seventh player in league history to shoot 50 percent …

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Woman weeps in testimony against NBA star Derrick Rose

The ex-girlfriend accusing NBA star Derrick Rose and his friends of rape spent Thursday battling her emotions as she tried to piece together a night she remembers only in ''flashes.''

Her vague recall and testimony that contradicted what she told lawyers during her deposition left her vulnerable to combative cross-examination …

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