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Clinton, Kaine go too far in touting a nuclear deal with Russia

The treaty introduced counting rules for deployed weapons, but it was more than a counting game; it also included new verification procedures, with provisions for data exchanges, notifications and inspections that supposedly reflected the improved relationship with Russia and was easier to obtain than through surveillance and intelligence-gathering.

Ellen Tauscher …

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US Election Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

🇺🇸US Election 🔮Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

📊Chance of winning election:

🐴Clinton(D): 78.8%

🐘Trump(R): 21.2%

Electoral 📊College Forecast (270 to win):

🐴Clinton(D): 323.8

🐘Trump(R): 214.1

🗳Popular Vote Forecast:

🐴Clinton(D): 48.4%

🐘Trump(R): 43.3%

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Why Trump’s ‘winning temperament’ is turning into a political loser

Dave Shiflett once was responsible for developing the manifesto of a Donald Trump presidency. Hired in 1999 to ghostwrite “The America We Deserve,” Shiflett spent days with the real estate magnate, channeling his voice and temperament into the pages of a manuscript. The draft alarmed Trump’s aides. They demanded …

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