The country’s most popular Republican governors oppose Trump. Chicken or egg?

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Kasich, who has withheld his support for Trump since losing the primary to him earlier this year, had a 58-32 approval split in the Monmouth poll, and significantly more voters said his Trump opposition made them think more highly of him (34 percent) than said it made them think less highly of him (20 percent).

Baker and Hogan - and even Kasich - have opposed Trump in part because it's in keeping with their political brands and because, in the cases of Baker and Hogan, it just makes logical sense, given the deep-blue electorates they will face in their 2018 reelection bids.

Here's how The Post's editorial board summarized Hogan's appeal: He has had the common sense to oppose his party's presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and avoid no-win social issues such as abortion and gun control in a liberal state; the humility to pursue a limited agenda, focusing on modest trims to taxes and spending; and the cunning to make - or let - the state's Democratic grandees look partisan and churlish.

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