Senator apologizes after Clinton ‘bullseye’ remark

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Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, locked in a tough re-election contest in a battleground state, apologized Monday after a recording was published capturing him joking to supporters over the weekend about how gun-rights supporters might want to put a “bullseye” on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Burr’s comments were made to campaign supporters at a get-out-the-vote meeting Saturday. They were first reported Monday by CNN. In the course of explaining why voters who might not necessarily support GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump should support Republican lawmakers like himself, Burr highlighted gun-rights supporters as a key part of his coalition. “Nothing made me feel any better than I walked to a gun shop, I think, yesterday in Oxford. There was a copy of Rifleman on the counter,” he said, an apparent reference to American Rifleman, the National Rifle Association’s monthly magazine.

From The Washington Post: