Black money recovery claim seems jumla for now: Congress

  |   India News

Blaming PM Narendra Modi for the hardships people are facing, the Congress on Saturday demanded that if he is serious about stamping out black money, the government should first set up an inquiry commission into the BJP's spending in the 2014 General Election and reveal the source of the party's funding in the upcoming Assembly polls.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal said if the Prime Minister is serious about rooting out black money, he should "set up a commission of inquiry with reference to all the money spent by BJP before Mr Modi became the Prime Minister, because the kind of money that was spent (on poll campaign), which was visually displayed on all TV channels, suggested - I can't say that it is proof - that a lot of black money went into it....

"That means he doesn't care about what is happening...the kind of pain that this country is going through because of the fact that they had not taken appropriate measures" to ensure a smooth transition, he said.

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