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On Sunday, PM ✌Modi spoke out🗣 against the opposition over his demonetisation🔥💵🔥 move & even promised more anti-graft measures in the coming future. While at a function in Panaji, 🏖Goa ✌Modi emotionally said🔉, “They (the opposition) thought if they pull my hair, I will stop & do nothing. I will not be cowed down. I will not stop doing these things, even if you burn me alive”. He said that certain forces🤔 were against him as their “70 years of loot”💰 was at risk of demonetisation. There were long pauses & emotional tears😭 in ✌Modi’s speech. He said🔉, “My dear countrymen, I gave up everything…my home, my family. I gave up everything I had for this country.” He said that the government🏤 doesn’t want to trouble the innocent👼🏼 but it also doesn’t want to spare the dishonest👹. He said🔉, “Bear with me for 50 days. Has India been looted or not? ….. I am not going to stop at this. I will expose the history of corruption of 70 years since Independence.”

Watch Modi's speech here📹: https://goo.gl/2V8kR3

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