On This Day🌄 November13

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Feast day of Saint John Chrysostom (Christianity)

1002 – King Æthelred II (pictured) ordered the massacre of all Danes in England.

1841 – Scottish surgeon James Braid observed a demonstration of animal magnetism, which inspired him to study the subject he eventually called hypnotism.

1927 – The Holland Tunnel, connecting New York City's Manhattan with Jersey City, New Jersey, under the Hudson River, opened.

1966 – The Israeli military conducted a large cross-border assault on the Jordanian-controlled West Bank village of Samu in response to an al-Fatah land mine incident two days earlier near the West Bank border.

1982 – South Korean boxer Kim Duk-koo suffered fatal brain injuries during a match with American Ray Mancini near Las Vegas' Caesars Palace, leading to significant rule changes in the sport.