Ask👩Didi: Shutting Down an Ex

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+63...9⃣ how do i get my ex boyfriend away

Dear +63...9⃣,

Your Ex is probably still hanging around because they have some hope that you two will get back together. To shut things down completely this is what you need to do:

1⃣ Politely and directly you need to tell your Ex that the relationship is over.

2⃣ Don't even try to be friends. That takes a long time and is usually not worth the hassle.

3⃣ Consciously avoid being in the same places.

4⃣ Hang out with the people who are your friends, not joint friends

5⃣ Be clear that there's no chance of you getting back together.

There's a small possibility you might miss your Ex chasing after you, but stand firm, this feeling will soon pass. It's not fair to let them hold onto false hope.

Duta Didi

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