Iraq: Mass grave holding 300 police found

  |   World News

ISIL fighters might be responsible for killing more than 300 Iraqi former police officers three weeks ago and burying them in a mass grave near the town of Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

HRW, the US-based rights watchdog, said on Thursday that some of the former policemen were separated from a group of about 2,000 people from nearby villages and towns who were forced to march alongside the fighters last month as they retreated north to Mosul and the town of Tal Afar.

It quoted a labourer who said he saw ISIL fighters drive four large trucks carrying 100 to 125 men, some of whom he recognised as former policemen, past an agricultural college close to the site which was to become the mass grave.

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