Mike Pence has his own email controversy in Indiana

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For the past year and a half, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has been mired in a legal dispute over government transparency as his lawyers fight to withhold the contents of an email that some say should be considered public record.

William Groth, a Democratic attorney who sued Pence last year in an effort to unseal the records, said there's also some "element of hypocrisy," as the Republican governor and President-elect Donald Trump spent the past several months criticizing Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

Groth told The Post that he was concerned about taxpayer dollars being spent on the litigation, so he submitted a public records request in December 2014, asking for all communications between Pence and the state attorney general's office about his decision to join the lawsuit, the contract between Pence's office and the private law firm, and invoices that show how much the litigation costs.

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