VIDEO: Mandy Moore Reveals Embarrassing Moment When Justin Timberlake Told Her She Had Big Feet!📹

  |   Hollywood

Mandy Moore opened up about a rather mortifying interaction with Justin Timberlake.

The 32-year-old 'This Is Us star' told the story during her appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday (November 15).

“I was freaking out that Justin Timberlake was there, and he was like, ‘You have big feet for a girl,’” she said. “I’m sure he doesn’t remember this at all. But I was so impressionable and I thought the world of him. He was on a pedestal. I mean, 16 years later, it’s stuck with me.”

Mandy added, “It really scarred me emotionally.” Click here to listen to Mandy📹

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