🤑BB 🔟 Recap, 🔅Sunny Favours Lopa

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

By Fråst🐺

Manveer is obviously hurt💔 after Lokesh’s eviction & no one seems to have noticed Karan Mehra’s absence at all😂, so that’s one good removal made. On the other hand, Manu & the Swami🕉 are arguing even more, with open insults & digs👊. The Swami seems to have removed his ‘holier than thou’🙏 impression from himself & has shown himself to be just another ordinary person, albeit in some weird clothes. Bani J🎙 & Gaurav Chopra are going head to head against each other whenever they get the chance. Lopa did a hot pole dance sequence, & impressed 🔅Sunny Leone who showed up on the sets once again as a judge to a video📹 contest. Obviously Lopa’s team won.

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Original Image Credit📷: still from show