Poll Results📊: Is🔥💵🔥Demonetisation a Smart Move🤔?

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We asked 🇮🇳India what their opinion was & most 👥people were happy with 🔥💵🔥demonetisation, however, half of them think it could have been implemented better. A very small%age of 👥people were unsure🤔 about the move & needed more time, while an equal amount were totally against it😤. Only time will tell which one of you were right😐.

The result for the poll is:

🎯 Poll📊: Is🔥💵🔥Demonetisation a Smart Move🤔?

(Result in percent)

3⃣9⃣: 😍Brilliant move! We should’ve done it earlier! I support it full-on. This is the best thing for 🇮🇳India.

3⃣4⃣: 😒It’s a good move, but it’s execution is terribly inefficient👎. Right now, the innocent & poor are suffering☹, while the truly corrupt👹 are high & dry.

1⃣2⃣: 😓It’s a pain, a waste of time & money; it won’t solve the issue of 👹corruption & will adversely affect 🇮🇳India’s growth📉.

1⃣5⃣: 😐I’m not sure at all, it’s too early to say. We’ll have to wait & see👁 how it goes.