SRK⭐: "Kids👦👧 Are More Educated than I'm‼"

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood

By SuperTramp🍀

In a recent interview🎙, Shah Rukh Khan⭐ revealed that he is a little hesitant to educate his children about sex and opts not to bring the topic up when speaking with his 👧kids👦. 🔈"I am personally very shy so I may not be able to educate my children about sex, so I don't bring that up. Sometimes while watching films together, I feel that they are perhaps a little more educated about it than I am. Maybe, I should take a little class from them, "said SRK.
The 51-year old also stated that he never questions the actions of people he loves🤔 as he believes that it is all good and that it is all right for someone to say 'I don't know'😃 and that ignorance in a subject shouldn't hurt one's self-confidence.

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