Why Zadie Smith Is a Serious Style Icon—Even If She Won’t Admit It

  |   Fashion

In 2006 Zadie Smith, the widely celebrated and much adored British author whose new novel, Swing Time, is out today, told Vogue that "the amount of time women spend getting dressed - Virginia Woolf said they could have learned Greek."

It was a well-placed jab at the inconvenience of fashion's demands on women, to be sure, but it was just a few moments later that the literary celebrity was showing Vogue around her London home, the top floor of which she had transformed into her own vintage-inspired dressing room.

The author is both extremely beautiful and also not a "fashion person"; she’s not sitting front row at Fashion Week or playing muse to any designers. But she is totally aware of popular culture - that much is evident through her writing - and she has an artful way of dressing that is modern and also deeply nostalgic.

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