✌Modi Addresses Rally on 📱Cell Phone

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By Fråst🐺

PM ✌Modi’s was forced to abandon his visit to Bahraich, near Tarai, 🇳🇵Nepal, yesterday due to poor visibility from Fog as his helicopter couldn’t land. However, PM ✌Modi still managed to address the rally using his cell 📱phone. He spoke about removing poverty & ‘goonda raj’ from UP as even the 👮🏼police were unable to stop goons, & said that the 🔸BJP is committed to em⚡powering the poor. In a jibe against the Samajwadi Party🏍, ✌Modi implied that the 🔸BJP was strong enough to remove those supporting the goons. He said🔉, “They (SP & BSP) are seldom on the same page on an issue. But nowadays, they are speaking in one voice,” He said, referring to the parties’ stance on 🔥💵🔥demonetisation. BSP🐘 chief 👩🏾Mayawati, meanwhile said, the leader of a party with absolute majority should not be making such allegations & his “emotional blackmail” wouldn’t work.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS