Ask Didi: How do i tell a girl i hate her?

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Unloved, yet unbowed, my correspondent (+25...8) wonders: How do i tell a girl i hate her?

Duta didi often gets questions about how to confess love, but rarely how to confess hate. If this girl you hate is someone who you are stuck with (a family member, a co-worker, etc,) I don’t recommend telling her that you hate her. A more constructive approach would be to gently point out some of her behavior that really bothers you and ask her if she could work on changing them. On the other hand, if this girl is someone you simply want out of your life, then you could tell her that being around her makes you very unhappy and that you would appreciate if if she could contact you less (or not at all). If she keeps on bothering you, you could tell her that you hate her, and hopefully, she will finally get the message.

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