Aussies Sledged😱 in NZ ‼

Australia - New Zealand cricketing rivalry has always see heated😠 exchanges between the players and even the fans😳 at times. Australia's coach👔 Darren Lehmann once famously had a fish🐟 thrown at him by the Kiwi fans while playing in the NZ and it looks like the Kiwi fans have already started dishing it out to the Aussies😯 ahead of the first ODI starting on Wednesday. Aussie pacer Kane Richardson revealed💬 that some NZ fans had abused them😱 while they were practicing at the nets in Auckland. He said that he had expected hostility😠 from NZ fans.
Crowd behaviour in NZ has been under the scanner🔍 recently with fans abusing Pakistani players in the recently concluded series.

Original Image Credit: Wikipedia/ By YellowMonkey