Boko Haram▪: 86 Dead, Children Burnt🔥 Alive😱

  |   Ghana News / India News

On Saturday, Boko Haram▪ attacked💥 Dalori village and two nearby camps with 25K refugees in northeast Nigeria, killing 86🔫 people and injuring 62. Survivors who hid away👀 said that they watched the extremists firebomb💣 huts and heard he screams of children 🔥burn to death🔥. The attack was instigated by three female suicide bombers and went on for 4 hours in an unprotected area. Troops 💂🏾arrived at the village quite late at 8.40 pm but weren’t able to fight back as the terrorists were better armed, and only retreated after heavier 💂🏾reinforcements 💂🏾arrived. Boko Haram▪ have increased their use of suicide bombers👤💣 attacking soft targets since the military drove them out of towns last year. In the last 6⃣ years, 20K people have been killed 🔫 and 2.5 million have deserted their homes.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia-"Boko Haram (7219441626)" by AK Rockefeller