Delhi HC🏤OKs Female ‘Karta'👍

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In a landmark verdict, the Delhi High Court🏤 has ruled that the eldest female member of a family can be its "Karta"👑 - a unique position in Hindu customs which denotes a managerial position of a joint family👪, traditionally inherited by men. Justice Najmi Waziri said, “If a male member of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), by virtue of his being the first born eldest, can be a Karta, so can a female member. The court finds no restriction👑🚫 in law preventing the eldest female👩🏻 co-parcenor of an HUF, from being its Karta." The Karta is superior to other family👪 members and has full authority👸🏻 to manage property, rituals or other crucial family affairs including mutation of property & sale and purchase of family👪 assets, etc. As per Hindu Law, ‘co-parcenor’👸🏻 is the joint legal heir of assets in a family.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia/„Buntfamilyofkodialguttu“ von Anonym