DU Requires ➕💯% For Top Grade❕

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Several anomalies❔ have been noticed in the first semester results and confirmed by Delhi University’s🏤 undergrad courses which are part of the choice-based📝 credit system (CBCS). For instance, under the "relative grading"📊 system, students would have to score more than 💯% marks to get the top '🅾' grade ('outstanding') in some subjects. The system was designed to convert absolute marks into letter grades(🅾,🅰,🅱, etc) and grade points which were done using University Grants Commission (UGC) formulae. However the new system makes obtaining an ‘🅾’ unachievable to Biomedical 💊Sciences, Biological🔬 Sciences and Biochemistry⚗ students. Teachers & students alike aren’t happy with it as it was introduced "without any discussion,” and is full of flaws.

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