Messi💫 to Meet Young Aghan Fan👶🏻 Watch 📹:

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Messi💫 has requested to meet Young Murtaza👶🏻, the 5⃣-year-old Afghan boy whose photo wearing a Leo Messi💫 shirt fashioned out of a plastic bag recently went viral on social media📱. This triggered a social media📱 campaign to find him and now young boy👶🏻 will get the chance to meet his hero💫. "The Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) received emails💻 from both Lionel Messi💫 and Barcelona🔷 about organising a meet", AFF spokesman Syed Ali Kazemi👔 indicated. Mr Kazemi👔 also revealed that all agreements and organisations have been finalized👍🏻 for his dream to come true. Murtaza👶🏻 is a huge Messi💫 fan and spend all day playing football⚽ with a volley ball in his father's boot. He watches Messi💫 every day thanks to the solar☀ panel that his family have installed using a car battery to power their TV📺.
To see Murtaza in action, wearing his Messi shirt click on this link📹:

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Original Photo Credit: Twitter/FCBarcelona