Salads & Chicken🍗: Team 🇮🇳's Fitness Mantra

Paul Chapman, who is the sports science manager👔 at New South Wales cricket academy in Sydney, is of the opinion that 🇮🇳 players are a lot fitter🏃 and agile than they were during their previous tours✈ to Australia. He sees a lot of changes in the way the Indian players work out these days👍 and picks out Kohli, Rohit, Dhawan & Jadeja as some of the best athletes🏃 in Cricket right now. He feels the change has come awareness and says 🇮🇳 players are concsious😌 about their diet🍱 a lot more now. Gone are the days of masala fried chicken🍗 and now grilled chicken and salads are in vogue😅. 🇮🇳 cricketers can be spotted👀 eating healthily at restaurants even on off days.

Well, good going 🇮🇳 👏.

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Original Image Credit: Twitter/@BCCI