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Net Neutrality: Rahul 🎯 Targets Modi

On Sunday, Congress✋ VP Rahul Gandhi brought up issues on net neutrality and accused the Modi✌ govt of delaying its policy stand on the topic. He warned against ‘Digital 🇮🇳’ becoming a “surrogate for the interests of big corporations🏢.” He said that Nasscom and over 500 start-up entrepreneurs👔 are pleading🙏 for …

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Y Sinha Anti-Modi✌ Statements

Veteran BJP🔸 leader Yashwant Sinha on Saturday spoke against the government over lack of dialogue in 🇮🇳. He implied PM Modi✌ would meet the same fate as former PM Indira👵🏻Gandhi, “The people of 🇮🇳 will consign him to the dust, you just have to wait for the next elections📥,” without naming …

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