G👀gle’s Top Secret Project: Skybender

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Skybender – a secret initiative by G👀gle to test its drone🚁 in the New Mexico desert – uses multiple drones and 5G mm wave wireless transmitters📡 which transmit several gigabytes of data per second😳. This technology could help establish a network of high flying drones🚁 that provide internet connectivity to people on the ground. G👀gle has installed a special flight control centre and is renting 15K sqft of space in a hangar built for spaceflight company, Virgin Galactic🚀. Skybender is one of several air🚁 & space-based initiatives that G👀gle is working on. The others are: Loon🎈 - which uses air balloons to beam internet access down to Earth🌍, Project Titan, which uses drones🚁, and Project Wing, which delivers packages📦 using drones. There were concerns earlier about a separate project related to Loon about health hazards😷 posed by the transmitters. But G👀gle has told federal regulators that its tests don’t pose any hazards.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia/By Land Rover MENA