New Concept Aircraft✈:🇬🇧to🇺🇸 in 11 Minutes❕

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The new concept aircraft ✈‘Antipode’ can travel at Mach 24 i.e. 24 times the speed of sound😳, and can cover the distance between London🇬🇧 and New York🇺🇸 in 11 minutes😮 – Astounding! Charles Bombardier, who designed the Antipode✈, earlier designed the concept aircraft ‘Skreemr’ a 4⃣ winged scramjet which could travel at Mach 🔟 and carry 75 passengers👥. Bombardier says that the Antipode can be the ideal business or military aircraft for emergency⚠ flights anywhere in the world🌎 in virtually no time. The aircraft will have rocket boosters🚀😎 attached to its wings to propel it to 40K feet☁, and then a supersonic combustion💥 engine will ignite launching it up to Mach 24☄. The jet uses NASA’s💫 Long Penetration Mode to avoid heating wherein nozzles on the nose and wings would use the air flowing through to cool down the surface temperature of the plane✈.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia/ (WP:NFCC#4)