Video📹 Interviews For 🇺🇸SAT Exams🔎❕

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More than 300K people from China🇨🇳 studied in the US🇺🇸 last year, that number was just 60K 🔟 years ago. 🇨🇳 has recently seen a surge of students coming into the 🇺🇸. However, they seem to be cheating the SAT exam system😳, forcing the US to turn to unscripted video-interviewing📹 service providers to assess🔎 their skills to weed out fraudsters😈. The US was forced to cancel🚫 a SAT test last weekend in China because of excessive cheating (😒psst). Officials say that a range of issues like plagiarism👀, purchased transcripts📑 and surrogate test-takers plague😐 the SAT test. InitialView is one such service provider launched in Beijing in 2009, the company offers verification🔎 of student identities, charging a one-time fee of 💲220 and send the interview recordings📼 to as many schools as the student wants. Keep the standard up guys, else we may see them in 🇮🇳 too.

🔎to learn more about SAT type: wiki SAT

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Original Photo Credit: By Wilson Dias/ABr