ISIS: “Lion’s Share” of Attacks in 🇬🇧UK

  |   Ghana News / India News

The latest edition of ISIS’▪ Arabic newspaper📰, ‘Al Naba’ (The News), has warned Britain🇬🇧 of an attack even more severe than the Paris attacks💥, which killed 130. The threat is in response to the UK's “declaration of war against Muslims,” in reference to last month's UK🇬🇧 Parliament vote on airstrikes against ISIS▪. The article warned on an attack so severe that it would “turn children’s hair to white,” – a reference to a Quranic📖 verse describing the horrors of 🔥Judgement Day🔥. Last week, ISIS▪ released a video that featured 9⃣ of the Paris attackers, including ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Further examination of the video📹 suggests that Buckingham Palace and National Gallery, which are visited by millions of people👥 every year, are considered potential targets. "Soft targets with a potential to cause mass casualties" are ISIS targets of choice.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia/(WP:NFCC#4)