🇷🇺 Wants Stronger Ties with 🇮🇳 ⁉

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🇷🇺Russian provincial leaders👥 have revealed that the Russian Govt is encouraging👍 it's provinces to engage directly with Indian states in order to take the ties between the countries beyond the defense sector👏. Vladimir Mazov, Minister of Economic Affairs💵 of Mordovia has confirmed that provinces like Astrakhan, Mordovia, and Bashkortostan are keen👀 to make the most of this opportunity. He says🔈 that the provinces have been given a free reign to deal with the 🇮🇳 states in fields of agriculture🌾, health, education🎓 and cultural cooperation. 🇮🇳 and 🇷🇺 had agreed to ramp up bilateral investment from $15 billion to $30 billion 💰 during inter-governmental discussions in October 2015.

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Original Image Credit: IANS